Advantages of Alliance Heat Pumps

SAVE 2/3rds of your water heating costs every day

  • Heats day or night - rain or shine
  • Domestic & commercial models
  • Alliance-trained installers & nationwide backup

With rapidly increasing costs, everyone's looking to save electricity.

Alliance Water Heaters work on the same heat-pump principle as airconditioners, extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere but, instead, transferring it to water. Thus where in a normal geyser, 1 kW of electrical energy produces just 1 kW of heat energy, with an Alliance Heat Pump Water Heater, 1 kW of electrical energy produces approximately 3 kW of heat energy.

The result is water heated for only approximately one third of the electrical usage of a normal household geyser.

Why Choose Alliance Heat Pumps

  • An Alliance Heat Pump heats water to 60°C, many other brands only heat to 55°C
  • Uses Environmentally friendly R410a gas
  • 3 timer remote control timer allows you to heat water when electricity demand is low, or as determined by household requirements
  • Excellent COP (Co-efficient of Performance) of up to 4 or more cuts water heating costs up to 70%
  • Double-wall heat exchanger prevents refrigerant leakage
  • Anti-freeze protection
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